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July 4th.

We will be closed on the July of 4th. Have a safe and happy holiday.

New fish list for July 25.

New fish:
Yellow tail spiney eels
Boesmani rainbows
Maccullochi rainbows
Tank-raised cardinal tetras
Black butterfly goldfish
Sakura ryukin goldfish
Electric blue acara
Red coral platties
Celestial pearl danios
Female bettas
Yo Yo loaches
Electric yellow cichlids
Kuhli loaches
Reticulated hillstream loaches

New plants for June 20.

New plants
Bacopa australis
Lobelia brasiliensis
Bacopa caroliniana
Echinodorous amazonicus
Echinodorous bleheri
Hygrophilia difformis
Echinodorous parviflorous
Alternanthera cardinalis
Echinodorous grandifolius
Lind. rotondifolia
Bacopa monniera
Rotala indica
Ludwigia peruensis

Welcome to Aqualand Aquarium Center


Welcome to Aqualand Aquarium Center.

Aqualand has been family owned and operated since 1966.

Our friendly staff are eager to share their knowedge and passion with you. We are home to one of the LARGEST selections of tropical fish, marine fish, aquatic plants, decorations, aquariums and aquarium supplies in the state.

Whether you are new to the hobby, or are a life long enthusiast, you are sure to find something new and exciting whenever you visit our fantastic showroom.